Existential therapy is an opportunity for you to clarify and reflect on your situation and through that process discover for yourself what it is that you really want and thereby find a way of moving forward in your life. It is not about diagnosis or cure, nor is it about pathologising or categorizing people; it is about self-knowing and the opening up of possibility within a life that sometimes feels stuck with no way forward.


The safe and confidential space that I provide within which this exploration is allowed offers the possibility of gaining a better understanding of difficult thoughts and feelings without fear of disapproval - and through this process of bringing things to light inner conflict can be resolved


My primary focus when working with couples is to help them understand what is happening in their relationship. Through improved communication both parties can then choose to move forward in whatever way they feel is best in light of this recognition.


Without understanding how you are, you will not be able to get to where and who you wish to be. Developing a sensitivity to your deepest moods and feelings will allow you to understand how and why the life you are already living is coming into conflict with that part of yourself that needs  and wants something different.


The first step in handling addiction is in  recognising that there is a problem that feels out of control. Seeking help is a very important step in such recognition and working in individual therapy alongside other organisations can be very helpful.


Managing stress can be difficult, and it is important to recognise what can and cannot be changed in one's life.    


As with all emotions, I would suggest that anger tells us something very important about what matters to us and, as such, we need to have an appropriate relationship with it. 


Anxiety can be a life-enhancing experience if it is understood and managed in constructive ways. The art is in being anxious in the right way, such that one can feel alive without becoming overwhelmed by it.